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What is the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)?
Each student, upon registering in the District 308 school, must sign the district's AUP. This document, officially called the Guidelines for Acceptable Use of the Computer Network System, states that the student agrees to use the school computer equipment for educational purposes only. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in disciplinary action. All staff must work together to ensure that students are following the guidelines whenever they are using school computers. Students are not allowed to change any computer settings, play games, send instant messages, or visit inappropriate sites.  
How long can I check out a book?
Most books are checked out for three weeks. Novels for English classes have a six-week check-out period. Reference books can only be borrowed overnight. Videos are checked out to staff members only. 
What if I have an overdue book? 
Students are charged 10 cents per day for overdue fines. If a student pays the fine on the day the book is returned, they receive a 50 percent discount.  
Can we borrow books from other schools? 
Yes. Students and staff are able to search and borrow books from any LRC in the district as well as libraries from the Prairie Area Library System (PALS). See the LRC staff for assistance. 
How do I get a new ID?
The Dean's Office can take ID pictures and print ID cards at any time. The first ID is free. There is a $5 charge for replacements. 
Do I need a pass to come to the LRC? Even during lunch?
Yes. Students need a pass any time they visit the LRC without a teacher. When teachers send a group of students to the LRC, we ask that they write a pass for each student. The students must turn their passes in to the circulation desk, as well as  log in to the attendance cart during Guided Study hours. This provides verification that the student did arrive. It also allows the LRC staff to have a record of which students are in the room in case of an emergency. When students are ready to leave the LRC to return to class, their pass will be signed and the time of their departure will be noted. 
Can I reset my login and password? 
Yes. Students can visit the Technology Support webpage and choose the Password Reset option in the left navigation menu. Resetting the password can also be done by an LRC staff member.
Can I print in color?
Can I make copies?
Can I eat/drink in the LRC? 
When are the Book Fairs?
The LRC, in cooperation with the English Department, runs a book fair at the beginning of each school year at which time students are strongly encouraged to purchase copies of the novels they will read in their English classes.